What You Will Encounter at Oak City Outreach

From Brother Tom Boltz: There was a woman who received a note that Jesus was coming to visit her at her home. With the exciting news she sat down and made a list of the things she wanted to serve Him. Having completed that task she got put on her boots, hat, coat, and scarf checked her pocket book that she had enough money and set off for the store. She had not gone far when she met a man that had no boots to protect him from the snow so she offered him her boots. Continuing on her journey her encountered another man with no scarf or gloves and being moved she gave him hers. Again she journeyed on and encountered another man with no coat and no money to feed his family so she gave him what he needed. Disappointed she turned around and went home no having accomplished what she out to do. When she got to her front door there was a note tacked to her front door. And it read:

I want to how pleased I was to meet you and thank you for the boots, scarf, gloves, coat, and money. Please know how much I value your kindness and love and how much I love you.

We do not know when in this life we encounter Jesus but it is usually when we deal with the least of our brothers. At Oak City that is what you will encounter. You may be apprehensive as to how you will react and am I up to the task, which is how I felt the first time. These people who have been dealt a difficult hand from life treated me with kindness and dignity and all they ask is that we show the dignity that society does not. They are intelligent and articulate and they gave me a sense of just how blessed by God. I also realized that through no faulty of my own I could be in their situation.

I encourage you to search your conscience and see if this ministry if for you. I know for me it is being the sinner I am I cannot afford to miss Jesus and become a goat.

Brother Tom Boltz

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