Slate of Officers

Below is the proposed slate of Officer Candidates for coming year. A few of these are currently unfilled, and we are working to have a full slate. If you are interested in being considered, or if you would like to nominate someone else, please let our officers know. Make sure that you talk to the people you nominate – they’ll have to accept it. The Council will vote in a month and a half on June 12, 2018.

Descriptions of the officer positions can be found in the previous emails
from Tom (see below), in brief in the Leadership Resources (link
<> ), and in full on
pages 55-61 of the CHARTER CONSTITUTION LAWS (link
<> ).

Hermanos Caballeros, abajo es nuestra lista tentative de los Funcionarios de
Consejo. No tenemos todos hoy. Escribame/llamame o los otros functionaries
(especialmente Frank) si queire ser considerado para un puesto, o queire
nominar un hermano Caballero. Vamos a votar el 12 de Junio. Puede leer los
deberes en resumen en pagina 13 de RECURSOS DE LIDERAZGO (hiperenlace
<> ) o en totalidad
en pagina X de Constitucion y Leyes (hiperenlace
<> ).

Position / Posición

Candidate Name

Nombre de Candidate

*Chaplain / Capellán*

Grand Knight / Gran Caballero

Matthew Higgins

Deputy Grand Knight /Diputado Gran Caballero

Matthew Voos

Chancellor / Canciller

Bob Fuerst

**Financial Secretary / Secretario Financiero**

Tony Martin

Recorder / Secretario de Actas

Treasurer / Tesorero

Tom Boltz

***Lecturer / Lector***

Advocate / Abogado

Jim Rispoli

Warden / Guardián

Jim Cody

Outside Guard / Guardia Exterior

Inside Guard / Guardia Interior

1 Year Trustee / 1 Año Fideicomisario

Frank Castillo

2 Year Trustee / 2 Año Fideicomisario

Ben Briggs

3 Year Trustee / 3 Año Fideicomisario

Notes from page 53 of CHARTER CONSTITUTION LAWS (link
<> ):

* “The Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and Board of Trustees may annually
select a priest to act as Chaplain, but such selection must be made in
accordance with any rules established by the bishop of the diocese in which
the council is located.”

** “The Financial Secretary shall be appointed by the Supreme Knight. He
shall hold office at the will of the Supreme Knight. He shall be compensated
in a manner approved by the Board of Directors.”

*** “The Grand Knight shall select annually a Lecturer.”

*,**,*** No para votar

God bless you all! ¡Dios se bendiga todos!

Matthew Higgins

Deputy Grand Knight

KofC Council 9880