Possible Meals before Council Meetings

From Jim Rispoli:  At the July Council meeting, we discussed the possibility of having a meal prior to our monthly Council meetings.  This is an initial survey, to get an idea of how many of us Brother Knights would be interested.  We would need to figure out the logistics, and will proceed only if enough of us reply to this email having interest.

The idea would be to have round tables (instead of theater style seat arrangement) before the meeting.  Those coming for the meal and social time would show up at about 6:15 pm for dinner, and then be done by around 7 pm to permit time for the Rosary.  The meeting itself would be at 7:30 pm, as always.

I have visited the Bella Italia restaurant on Durant Road a few times about this, and they are very willing to support us with this, if we go forward.  This restaurant is near my house, and we go there often and can vouch for their food.  Here is the link to their web site:


I would pick up the meal on the way to St. Raphael.  It would be in a sort of aluminum serving tray, as is common in catered meals.  This means for each meal, I would send an email a week or two ahead of time, to state what the meal will be for that night, and request an email from those Brother Knights who want the meal that night.  I would collect the money at the meeting.  Again, the decision of whether or not to come a bit early for the meal is up to each one of us Brother Knights.
The types of things I discussed with the restaurant owner were:

1. Sausage and peppers, with a side of pasta

2. Eggplant parmigiana with a side of sausage

3. Pasta or lasagna with a side of meatball, or sausage

4. Many other options once we get going, and if we keep on with the meals.

The price for the meals would be $10 or less, depending upon what we order.  We will try to provide some sort of beverage such as bottle water, or perhaps wine, but that is yet to be determined.  It will depend upon interest.

ONLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED send me a note.  For sure, this meal option will not be done at the August Council meeting, but rather will be discussed at the August meeting. So it is important that you let me know.  If you are NOT interested (since these meals would be totally optional) then please do not reply.

Thanks much, and Vivat Jesus
Jim Rispoli