Over 300 Bags of Food Collected This Weekend

Brothers, I want to thank everyone who help pass out bags last weekend. We passed out appropriately 600 bags after the masses. Good job. This weekend we received food donations from parishioners who took the bags last week. Again, thanks to


everyone who let us use their trucks or SUV to move bags of food from the church to the closet in Raphael Hall. We moved over 300 bags of food after the masses last night and today. Great job, again. We also collected a good amount of monetary donations from parishioners.
We will be collecting again next weekend from people who didn’t bring bags this weekend and the ones who took bags, for the first time, this weekend.
If anyone has any grocery bags they need to donate, bring them to the November business meeting. We will use them to distribute food to the families on our list.
Again, thanks for all the help. Without such good Christian men, I would not be able to do this alone.
Tom Smith, Food for Families Coordinator