Order Hats NOW!

From Jim Rispoli: Brother Knights, here is the link to the web site for the Ball Caps. We would order the KofC logo on the front, and on the back it would have 9880. The price for these is $19.00 plus tax. The minimum order, as with shirts, will be six.


Note these are fitted (order by size) and “structured” like a ball cap.

If you want any of these, please reply by a week from today, 28 August. I will go up there to order an pay for them the next day, so that we can have them by our next Council meeting in September.

Please tell me:

I would suggest the dark green color, or white, but any color you pick is fine. We are allowed to mix the colors and sizes, so long as we meet the minimum order of 6.

Thank you, and Vivat Jesus. Jim Rispoli email: jrispoli@nc.rr.com

PS: No prior verbal orders will be “remembered” by me, so please reply.  email: jrispoli@nc.rr.com