Notes from the Lecturer

Notes-From-LecturerJanuary is Respect Life month, as well as ACC League play month. What a combination!
——–  First, some things about what’s happening in the battle, no, not the ACC,
but the religious freedom/ attack on Catholics world. I know, it’s not
entertainment, and I apologize. I wish it could all be bright and cheery,
but it isn’t. You know that. We all know that. The only difference is
whether we pay attention to it. It’s always easier not to, but, cheery or
not, we’re the men, we’re the ones charged with protecting the family, and
our values in the ‘public square’.
Sometimes our reluctance to assume that role stems from our own keen
awareness of our fallibility, our tendency to step in the same pits over
and over. That’s what the Enemy wants: self-accusation leads to paralysis,
and he is not named Satan, which means ‘the accuser’, for nothing. It
almost sounds hokey to speak about Satan, as if he were a misty legend.
Jesus didn’t think so. he wrestled with him for forty days, and more. And
the Resurrection didn’t make him go away. He doesn’t embarass easily. While
he knows, as we do, that the Lord will triumph eventually, he also knows
that it doesn’t mean that each of us, individually, will be there for the
party. Like a Super Bowl win and a player paralyzed permanently on the side.

I’m going to mention, one final time, in this context, a problem, many men,
including Knights, have wrestled with, and still do, internet porn. It’s
epidemic, and it’s grievously wounding family life in many homes. Here’s
the scope of it:

It’s a secret thing, but the secrecy is what aids it immensely. See:

But there is help. Here’s one of the best ways:

There is also filtering software, which especially helps families:

And if the need is where marital breakdown threatens: and info on Catholic therapists all over.

And the sacrament of Reconciliation. Anything is forgivable, except the
belief that there are things God can’t forgive ( that’s what Jesus meant by
saying “sins against the Holy Spirit” are the one non-forgivable)

When we get ourselves together, we’re ready for the marketplace, and to let
our guts do their thing. The world certainly needs it. Consider your what
your boys, or grandchildren may face. There will be a dramatic shortage of
girls soon. It’s already happening elsewhere in the world. Maybe it won’t
be as bad here, but what is bad is that with abortion on demand, and the
wrong use of ultrasound, 90% of pre-born babies with Down’s Syndrome are
being aborted in the US. If that’s not a shocker, in the rest of the

In the battle against the ultra-secularism culture, some stars stand out:

A personal story: I sometimes go to the other-side-of-the-road from the
Jones Franlklin Rd. abortion clinic to say a rosary Saturday at 10. There’s
six or so of us. The clinic has a guard in the parking lot, a guy, no
uniform, in his late 60’s who sits in his pick-up in their parking lot and
makes sure none of us leave the public right of way onto their property,
which we wouldn’t but… Anyway, he really doesn’t know much about what’s
going on inside; it’s just a retirement job for him. He brings us tomatoes
from his garden, and is a nice man to talk to. A few weeks ago, a young
woman and her ‘boyfriend’ were at the door of the clinic. He was dragging
her inside, that’s right, dragging. She clearly did not want to go. But he
got her inside and the door closed. One of us yelled to the guard what had
happened: he had been in his truck with the music turned up and didn’t hear
anything. When told, he said, “I’ll take care of this,” and went inside. A
minute later the woman stumbled out and starting walking away down the
street at a fast clip, while the ‘boyfriend’ fumed. So much for “a woman’s
choice”. The guard was not there this week. He may well have been fired.
That took guts, And that’s the kind of opposition we face. That’s the
culture of death, the battlefield.

On a lighter side, this site is fascinating. Go down the right column and
look at the wild things you can investigate:

Want to win some arguments at the water fountain?:‘s_Division_I_Basketball_Championship_records

If you got this far, you deserve a laugh: An elderly man visits the
doctor for a check up. “Mr.Smith, you’re in great shape” says the doctor
afterward. “How do you do it?” “Well”, says Mr. Smith, “I don’t
drink. I don’t smoke, and the good Lord looks out for me. For weeks now,
every time I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he turns the
light on for me”. Concerned, the doctor finds Mrs. Smith in the
waiting room and tells her what her husband said. “I don’t think there’s
anything to worry about”, she says, “and on the bright side, it does
explain who’s been peeing in the fridge.”

Have a good month.

Vivat Jesus!

Jerry Roventini
Council 9880