New KofC 9880 Hats and Shirts

From Jim Rispoli:  At July’s Council Business Meeting, we discussed placing an order for shirts and ball caps, all embroidered with the KofC logo, including the 9880 logo.

1. The first shirt is a “Blue Generation” brand button down shirt, available in a number of colors. It is available in both long sleeve and short sleeve at the same price, about $22.00. The logo would be placed above the pocket. I would suggest the colors of white, or hunter green. The hunter green seems to be close to our Council color. The link is below.

2. The second shirt is a “Devon & Jones” short sleeve polo shirt with pocket. This shirt is about $28.00 with the logo above the pocket. It does not come in any green color, so you will need to select what is best for you. I’m going with white. The link is below.

3. The “Richardson” brand hat is a fitted hat. Also, it is a “structured” hat – like a real baseball cap. Not a soft front. There is a size chart on the web site (see the link). The hat would have the KofC logo on the front, and the 9880 on the back just above the headband. For the hats, I remind you that our Council color is green, but you can order any color (shirts and hats). Steve (owner of Steve’s Tees) recommends no one order the extra small hat, as it is mostly for children. The web site for the hats shows kelly green and dark green. The price is about $17.00 including embroidery. The link is below.

The source is Steve’s Tees in Wake Forest – I was recommended to them by several of our Brother Knights, and Steve remembers us from past orders. To be able to do this, we would need a minimum of six (six) shirt orders in any combination. For the hats, we would need a minimum order of six (6). That is because of the time and effort it takes them to do the setup for the embroidery.

Now, Brother John Mezera still has a few leftover shirts from past orders. As John knows, what he has will not fit me, so that’s why I’m taking the lead to order us some “to order” shirts. I will not order extras. John will bring his leftovers to the August Council meeting, so you might want to hold off on your reply to me until you see what he has.

If you want any of these shirts or ball caps, please let me know your choices. Shirt type (polo, or button down). If the button down, do you want short or long sleeve. And of course color and size.

For the hats, size and color off the web site.

Just reply to this email to place your order. Once I have a bunch of orders, I will send out a Council wide email to confirm. After getting no cancellations, I’ll go ahead and order at Steve’s Tees, and pay for the order. You will then owe me at time of delivery. All prices will of course, be plus tax.

If you have any questions on this, please let me know.

1. Link to button down shirt:

2. Link to polo shirt:

3. Link to ball cap:

Best regards and Vivat Jesus

Jim Rispoli
Advocate, Council 9880

PS: One brother asked me about sizing. The shirt web sites show a full range of sizes.
PPS: For myself, I would need a “large” in the button down shirt, but a medium in the polo shirt. Polo shirt seems to be cut just a tad bigger for its size.