Lenten Dinners Begin on February 16th

We will be hosting our annual Lenten Dinners beginning on February 16th.  Last year we had a very successful events and would like to see that continue.  I need a lot of help in order for this to happen. Last year we had help from Knights, Squires, Columbiettes and family members.  We need that again.   I have spoken with several  brothers who have said they would be there to help. I will not be able to personally speak with a lot of you, but I am asking you to step up and help this year.  We are trying to do things that will increase the attendance.  the Squires will be taking care of selling soft drinks and desserts.

Each Friday we will start food prep at noon and continue to do things like sitting the hall beginning around 2:30-3:00PM.  We need help to do all this plus serving and clean up at the end of the night.  Please let me know if you can help and what time you will be there to help.  Any amount of time is greatly appreciated.  You can email me at tsmith9880@outlook.com or phone me at 919-971-1087.

Click for photos from last year