LAMB Project Successful

From Jim Rispoli… Brother Knights in St. Raphael Council 9880,
I wanted to pass along the news that today, we deposited $375 into the LAMB account, the proceeds of our fundraiser last Saturday. We had the following Brother Knights at the K-Mart on Six Forks at Strickland.

Bill Hast
Tom Smith
Tony Martin
Matthew Berchtold
Jeff Meitz and family
Tom Boltz
Chris Myers

Although several of us are “regulars” we also had some first timers as new Knights, including Matt Berchtold and Jeff Meitz. Jeff was joined by his wife and two young children, all of which helps in our appeal to those who donate. A big thank you to all who assisted.

The amount we collected is, in fact, a record for a single day collection in the past few years. The proceeds go into into an account, and 85% of what we collect is combined with other local Raleigh-area KofC Councils to support eleven local agencies who provide service to people with intellectual disabilities – from infants to those in their 90s.

The remaining 15% goes to the State LAMB Foundation, which supports organizations such as the Murdoch Center in Butner, a residence for people with intellectual disabilities. The Facilities Director there is a Brother Knight, and he uses the funds they get to do fabulous construction projects, such as pavilions, patios, etc. to improve the quality of life for the residents. LAMB funds buy the materials, and his workers do the construction.

Since we are all volunteers, the only major costs are for things like the Tootsie Rolls, and only occasionally, for things like new vests for us Knights to wear at the fundraisers. The rest goes to the service organizations.

Thank you again to all who helped this past Saturday. We have another fundraiser scheduled for Saturday April 14, and plan to do about another three this year after that. Perhaps you could consider joining this worthwhile community service when we call for volunteers.

Best regards, and Vivat Jesus