Council Elections This Month

This is the month when the council elects new officers for the upcoming year. The new fraternal year begins on July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. Any 3rd Degree member can serve as officer. I am listing the duties for each office. Anyone wishing to serve in an office can see what is expected of them. Look them over careful and the one that interest you please let the trustees know so your name can be put up for election. Our council needs guys with fresh ideas who wish to help serve the council, the church, and the community.

Grand Knights Duties

  • Presides over all meetings
  • Appoints program and membership directors
  • Appoints committees as needed
  • Responsible for the council’s first degree team

Deputy Grand Knights Duties

  • Assist the GK with operations of the council and any other duties assigned to him by the GK
  • In the absence of the GK, presides at council meetings
  • Recommended to serve on the council’s Retention Committee

Chancellor Duties

  • Strengthens the members interest in council activities
  • Assist GK and DGK with their duties as assigned
  • Recommended to serve on council’s Admission Committee

Recorders Duties

  • Responsible for keeping and maintaining a true and permanent record of all actions of the council and maintains all correspondence of the council

Lecturer Duties

  • Appointed by Grand Knight
  • Responsible for providing suitable educational and entertaining programs under the “Good of the Order” section of council meetings

Warden Duties

  • Responsible for supervising and maintaining all council property
  • Set up council chambers for meetings and degree exemplifications
  • Oversees inside and outside guards

Inside/Outside Guard Duties

  • Attends the doors of the council chamber, checking for current membership cards and allowing entrance

Board of Trustees Duties

  • Consists of GK and three other elected members
  • Supervises all financial business of the council and conducts the semiannual audits
  • Trustees are elected for terms of three years, two years and one year. At each regular election, the position of each trustee will be voted upon, with the current three and two year trustees moving on to become the two and one year trustees, respectively.
  • These are the elected offices. The Financial Secretary is not included because he is appointed by the Supreme Knight for a 3 year period.

As said, if you are interested serving your council let one of the trustees know. The election is at our regular business meeting. Someone who is not a 3rd Degree member can be considered as long as he receives his 3rd degree before July 1st. Step up and let’s make the St. Raphael the best it can be.

Vivat Jesus

Tom Smith

Membership Director


St. Raphael Council 9880